In this page there are some information about authors of ZaBa PhotoMosaic. The App's name is the fusion of the first parts of their surnames.

About us

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Zago Nicola, has completed a very high level formation in scientific areas, actually is PhD student at the Department of Information Engineering of University of Padua. His interest area is high performance scientific computing (see his home page for details). In general he is interested in computer programming, computer graphic/vision, internet programming and mathematics, interests which help him in the design, development and deployment of ZaBa PhotoMosaic.

Curriculum vitae: curriculum vitae.

Baseggio Mauro was born on the 23 October 1986 in Montebelluna. Till he was a child, he showed a great talent and passion towards mathematics and logic, because of it he chose scientific studies till the degree in Electronic Engineer. His work experience, both in software and embedded systems, his creativeness, his competence in processing audio and image data, have allowed his contribution in designing, development, and publishing this application.

Curriculum vitae: curriculum vitae.


Thanks for the collaboration in the translations to: Eveline Baseggio (english), Alice and Sara Cescon (spanish) and Francesca Ghezzi (french).